Life coaching in the NSW outback

About Life Coaching

wordle 5The first time I mentioned life coaching to my son he laughed it off: “Do you mean you’re going to tell people how to live their life?” I must admit that’s how the term sounded. So I explained that life coaching is more about empowering people to take charge rather than being swung about by events, negative thoughts, other people or whatever else prevented them from having a great quality of life.

He still wasn’t satisfied so he ‘tested’ me by asking me how I could help him through a relationship issue he had with his girlfriend. It only took a few minutes to convince him of the power of life coaching as he arrived at a Eureka! moment soon after I had invited him to reflect on some powerful questions.

“But”, I added, “what you have just experienced is only a short-term solution. Real life coaching is about having long-term effects that last far beyond the time you spend with your coach. To get there it is useful to explore your values and measure them against how you live your life. Then you have to identify your true desires. And because that’s not always an easy task, a coach can support you in designing goals that are attainable.

Once you have your goals in place, guess what? You have to start doing practical things to turn them into reality”. My son was curious. “Surely your job as a coach is done by then, isn’t it?” It was my turn to laugh: “Certainly not! This is the most exciting part as your coachee starts creating their desired future”. My son jumped: “Your what?” “Coachee. That’s the term we use in the industry to name clients. I admit it’s not a very elegant word. But anyway, coachees need feedback and encouragement and someone to acknowledge their progress. Sometimes too they need to be reminded of the big picture if they lose sight of it. The coach will be their best ally all the way.”

My son concluded: “You know what, Mum? I’m impressed. Next time I see someone whose nose is out of joint I won’t tell them to ‘get a life’ as I usually do. I’ll just say ‘Mate, get a life coach!’

Thanks, son.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.- George Bernard Shaw