Life coaching in the NSW outback

Five minutes flat

I am trying hard at the moment to move from an ‘I should’ attitude to a ‘I did it!’ one. The ‘I shoulds’ come up so often, don’t they? For example, there is a succulent in my garden that is looking very forlorn simply because it needs re-potting. Unfortunately the poor plant has fallen under […]

Juggling with the jug

I love having stay-over visitors and planning their visit so they are well looked after. When I saw this cute little jug in the shop I thought it would be perfect for fruit juice at breakfast time. The thing is, you have to actually put the whole thing together when you unpack it. Not a problem. […]

To market, to market…

When I readied myself to set up a stall at the Broken Hill monthly community markets this morning I thought the day ahead would probably be long, cold and lonely. Ugly, negative thoughts! As it turned out, the day went by incredibly quickly due to the numerous conversations I had with friends and strangers who showed […]

The moment is… now!

Distressing pictures of earthquake-stricken Nepal reminds me of how lucky we are to have a roof above our heads and food in the fridge. These poor people have lost loved ones, their homes, the little property they had and are now sick, injured, and hopeless. I feel it’s more important now than ever that I don’t forget to […]

Feeling awesome

The Mildura fellow who changed the motor on my roller door this morning commented on how he loved coming to Broken Hill for his job. ‘People here are always nice to you, always friendly – not fussy like those back home!’. I couldn’t but agree with him about the Broken Hill folk. Since moving here a couple of […]

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