Life coaching in the NSW outback


Five minutes flat

I am trying hard at the moment to move from an ‘I should’ attitude to a ‘I did it!’ one. The ‘I shoulds’ come up so often, don’t they? For example, there is a succulent in my garden that is looking very forlorn simply because it needs re-potting. Unfortunately the poor plant has fallen under […]

Juggling with the jug

I love having stay-over visitors and planning their visit so they are well looked after. When I saw this cute little jug in the shop I thought it would be perfect for fruit juice at breakfast time. The thing is, you have to actually put the whole thing together when you unpack it. Not a problem. […]

To market, to market…

When I readied myself to set up a stall at the Broken Hill monthly community markets this morning I thought the day ahead would probably be long, cold and lonely. Ugly, negative thoughts! As it turned out, the day went by incredibly quickly due to the numerous conversations I had with friends and strangers who showed […]

The moment is… now!

Distressing pictures of earthquake-stricken Nepal reminds me of how lucky we are to have a roof above our heads and food in the fridge. These poor people have lost loved ones, their homes, the little property they had and are now sick, injured, and hopeless. I feel it’s more important now than ever that I don’t forget to […]