Life coaching in the NSW outback

Feeling awesome

The Mildura fellow who changed the motor on my roller door this morning commented on how he loved coming to Broken Hill for his job. ‘People here are always nice to you, always friendly – not fussy like those back home!’. I couldn’t but agree with him about the Broken Hill folk. Since moving here a couple of years ago I have met so many interesting and friendly people. The locals are understandingly proud of their heritage and know much about the rich history of the town. Those from ‘away’ tell me how easy it was for them to integrate in the life of the Silver City because people were so welcoming.

As for me, I am here to stay because I just love this environment and the country lifestyle after my many years in the noise, traffic and pollution of big cities. Coaching men and women in this area also provides me with the satisfaction of knowing that I can contribute to the wellbeing of the town as a whole. The more people enhance the quality of their life, the better off we all are. I so love Paul Kelly’s song ‘From little things big things grow’ for that very reason.

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