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Five minutes flat

Culture vultures articleI am trying hard at the moment to move from an ‘I should’ attitude to a ‘I did it!’ one. The ‘I shoulds’ come up so often, don’t they? For example, there is a succulent in my garden that is looking very forlorn simply because it needs re-potting. Unfortunately the poor plant has fallen under my ‘I should’ list but just writing this down is increasing my motivation level and I am not going to return to this blog until it is done. There!

Last week I achieved a very simple ‘to do’ task – I simply wrote to Annette Northey, the author of this article, as she had invited her readers to email her their thoughts. It took me the whole of five minutes to achieve (after a whole week of procrastination) but the impact was amazing. All sorts of people came up to say they’d seen the mention of my business in the paper that day. So, through a random act of community participation I was rewarded with unexpected free advertising. Bargain!

Who knows what will happen when I re-pot that cactus? What about you? Have you experienced the satisfaction of moving from an ‘I should’ to a ‘I did it!’ list recently? Or is something nagging you on a daily basis still? Chronic procrastinators are not doomed. Personal development coaching can really help if you’re ready for a change… talk to me!

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