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Juggling with the jug

jugI love having stay-over visitors and planning their visit so they are well looked after. When I saw this cute little jug in the shop I thought it would be perfect for fruit juice at breakfast time. The thing is, you have to actually put the whole thing together when you unpack it. Not a problem. After giving the jug a wash, I screwed the tap on, put the lid on, propped the whole thing on its stand and voilà!

Morning came and I realised I had to go to a meeting before my guests were up. Again, not a problem. I set up the table with cereals, fruit bread, jams, milk and poured orange juice from an ugly plastic bottle into my fancy new recipient with the little silver tap. Dressed up and ready to go I take a last look back at the table. Horror! Orange juice is leaking steadily from what is supposed to be a leak-proof seal. Panic strikes. I’m now late for the meeting and my beautiful tablecloth is turning into an orange lake!

The moral of the story is that no matter how well you plan and organise them sometimes things go awry. That’s all part of life so take it in your stride and move on. My guests didn’t suspect a thing as they poured their juice from an ordinary bottle and I still made my meeting on time after the big clean-up. As for the jug, methinks it will serve some other purpose, sans liquid…

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