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Glorious day

What a beautiful and warm day it was yesterday and how glad I am that I took the challenge of a 15kms walk into the bush with the Barrier Rangers Bushwalking Club. I must admit that I was tempted to stay home and take it easy when I got up but I had made a commitment to the organisers and so I picked up my backpack and drove off to our meeting place.

Yes, I could have thought of a myriad excuses not to go. But then I would have missed out on the wonderful company of other walkers, on discovering new parts of our region (namely the Belmont and Nine Mile stations), on smelling the wild lemon grass and the smoke of the campfire, on seeing wondrous sites such as the oddly-named Leg’s Knob and on testing the limits of my body…!

IMG_0597To crown it all the group decided to rest their weary legs at the Silverton Hotel at the end of the day. What a nice surprise it was to be greeted by fabulous music from the blues band that was playing there. I even felt like dancing in spite of the heaviness of my lower limbs! When I finally drove home it was to be watched over by an enormous round moon that I’m sure looked over me with a kind of ‘well done!’ wink.

So, what I have learnt from the experience? It just confirmed once more that by not giving in to procrastination, not listening to negative thoughts and accepting a challenge out of my comfort zone I added another pinch of wellbeing to my life. And that’s a definite plus!


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