Life coaching in the NSW outback


I found Gigi’s coaching very helpful. I have been working on self-improvement for years through reading books and thinking why I do what I do and how I could do it better, but is is the first time I have worked with a coach. I found it much more efficient than a book, because Gigi could help me discover the thin I was overlooking, so I could learn in an hour what otherwise might take several days or weeks. It is also fun to talk about how to do things better – I find most people aren’t interested in those sorts of conversation. I can highly recommend the coaching to anyone who wants to tweak their life and get things running more smoothly.

Much more efficient than a book
Frances (Broken Hill, NSW)

Ghislaine provided me with fresh opportunities to understand my true nature, to become clearly aware of where I am in life, where I really want to go and most importantly what I need to do to get there. She used a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. In just a few weeks, I have seen a drop in my stress level and an increase in my life satisfaction. I am now embarking on a new part of my life – so exciting!


Gentle but effective
N.Malik (Broken Hill, NSW)

As I have always enjoyed acting I loved how Ghislaine turned my problem with procrastination into an improvised dialogue which she guided with some subtlety. I played the devil’s advocate and it made me realise afterwards how procrastination manipulated my thinking and my life in general. Ghislaine’s clever questioning was crucial in this understanding and the whole process was also quite fun – something no self-help book can ever provide as far as I’m concerned!

Hard act to follow
J.Winter (Camperdown, NSW)

My time with Ghislaine was always very productive. Somehow she could just pull out the right coaching tools to help me clarify my thoughts with whatever issue I was facing. Her experience, understanding and great professionalism are just what I needed when things became too challenging. Broken Hill’s gain is our loss!  Good luck in your new city, Ghislaine!

Very Productive
F. Hayes (Box Hill, Victoria)

Over time my life had become overwhelming. Ghislaine helped me regain clarity and motivation. THANK YOU!

Thank You!
C. Protopopoff (Ashburton, VIC)