Life coaching in the NSW outback

The moment is… now!

Distressing pictures of earthquake-stricken Nepal reminds me of how lucky we are to have a roof above our heads and food in the fridge. These poor people have lost loved ones, their homes, the little property they had and are now sick, injured, and hopeless. I feel it’s more important now than ever that I don’t forget to be grateful and enjoy my life just as it is. To not do so would be an insult to people who have so little. Of course we send them money and NGOs are on the ground but these are just patch-up measures. How awful to know that the villagers not only carry the burden of friends and family who perished in the disaster but that it may be a long time before their basic needs are met. Not excluding the fear of further impending natural disasters… So, while I’m in a good place I will make every effort to be ‘in the moment’ and savour all of it.

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