Life coaching in the NSW outback

Your Coach

Ghislaine BARBE, M.A (Applied Linguistics), B.A (Honours), Dip.Teaching, Dip.Life Coaching

People tell me how beautiful my French name is but, oh, how hard it is to remember! So I’m often known as Gigi. Born in Paris I lived in Sydney for many years before choosing to settle in Broken Hill.

I became curious about Life Coaching after the tragic loss of my soul mate. How people respond to the various challenges life throws at them is a fascinating field of study and the thing that struck me most about Life Coaching was its focus on planning for the future rather than delving in the past. While still working as an educational consultant I undertook a Diploma course with the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, little realising that it would turn into a passion: to help others transform their life to give it meaning and quality.

My clients often remark how friendly I am while remaining very professional in my approach. They appreciate the fact that I make no judgement on who they are and what they do as my role is to be on their side and allow them to tap into their strengths rather than zero in on their weaknesses.

As a member of the International Coach Federation and other relevant organisations, I regularly keep abreast of new developments so as to provide the best possible service in our region.

Now that you know a little more about me, I am hoping I will get to meet you one day through a valuable coaching experience or through some of my workshops (see What’s on). If not, perhaps you know someone who could benefit from talking to me. Let them sign up for their free session by inviting them to visit this website. They will love that you did this for them.

If you didn’t need coaching you’d be where you want to be by now…- Gigi